6:00 pm
Africa Meets Cuba
Jomion and The Uklos from Republic of Benin, Yera Son Trio From Cuba

Minton's playhouse
206 West 118th Street


Event Details

  • 1st Set
    7:30 pm – Doors Open 6 pm
  • 2nd Set
    9:30 pm – Doors Open 9 pm

Sets are 1 hour long
The admission price is
$20.00 per set online, $25 at the door
There is a $30 Minimum for Food and Beverages Per Person at the table.
* Admission may increase depending upon a given week’s performance schedule.

During performances, quiet policy is enforced !




JOMION UKLOS from Benin Republic of West Africa


At the crossroads of Benin’s traditional vodun (voodoo) rhythms, Caribbean styles and jazz, Jomion & The Uklos make festive, colorful music. These three blood-brothers from the coastal West African city of Cotonou amaze audiences at home and abroad with their furious rhythms and mystical harmonies. They joyfully flirt with reggae, salsa and jazz, while drawing on their vast knowledge of traditional vodun (voodoo) music and culture to create vibrant, relaxed dance music. Their voices blend in melodious harmony, delivering messages of hope, faith and traditional wisdom. Their music is simultaneously complex, profound and simple. Their songs connect to the depths of human experience, while lightening the heart with joy.

Jomion & The Uklos is a family band from Benin, West Africa, led by Samuel “Jomion” Gnonlonfoun, founder of the internationally renowned Gangbé Brass Band. With his brothers JB, Mathieu and his daughter Rose, Jomion combines traditional rhythms and songs from Vodoun (Voodoo) culture with reggae, salsa and jazz to create vibrant, relaxed dance music, he named Whedo-vodoo-jazz(W.V.J). Jomion & The Uklos are currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. They performed recently on Lincoln out doors festival, in prestigious venues like BBKing and tour regionally and they also recorded and performed with Bobby McFerrin.



Grammy Winning YeraSon is a New York based Cuban Charanga Trio that was founded in 2001.

YeraSon electrifies old-school Cuban Music with a distinctly modern New York twist. YeraSon interprets authentic Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Boleros, Guajiras, and Merengue with inimitable drive and swing.

The group’s unique sound is at once elegant and energetic with a contagious rhythm that attracts dancing and listening crowds alike. Delighting audiences from Concert Halls, Festivals, Universities, Film, Television, Weddings, Night Clubs and Restaurants, YeraSon is a treat for both ears and the feet!

YeraSon won a 2013 GRAMMY – Best Compilation Soundtrack For Visual Media, for their work on Woody Allen’s Academy Award Winning Film, Midnight in Paris.
YeraSon appears in the Woody Allen Film, Cafe Society, and are on Track 12 of the Cafe Society Soundtrack.
YeraSon has appeared in a Live Broadcast from Town Hall New York as a guest of A Prarie Home Companion, and have performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC for the Latin Heritage Awards.
YeraSon has appeared in a video with the Japanese Pop Music Group SMAP, a Nokia Commercial, and a Havana Central Commercial, a Cuba Mia Commercial, and can be seen performing live weekly in and around New York City with the Orquesta Charanga and Trio Formats, and also performs as a Big Band with a full Brass section and Dance Company.