6:00 pm
Dean Tsur Saxophone Choir

Minton's Playhouse
206 West 118th Street


Event Details:

1st Set
7:30 pm – Doors Open 6 pm

2nd Set
9:30 pm – Doors Open 9 pm

Sets are 1 hour long.

The admission price is $25.00 per set PLUS a $30 minimum per person.
* Admission may increase depending upon a given week’s performance schedule.

During performances, quiet policy is enforced !



About The Band 

Dean Tsur Saxophone Choir gets the crowd dancing with its joyful, entertaining, and romantic music. With a unique combination of six saxophones and a rhythm section, the band has created a fresh and inventive sound, inspired by the joyful spirit of early jazz. The band doesn’t only bring to life rarely played music, but does so with a festive sense of community.

The band features some of the most highly acclaimed and popular young musicians, including Grammy and Emmy Awards nominees. Our members have collectively performed with Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick Jr., Branford Marsalis, and Jon Batiste from the Stephen Colbert Show.