COVID-19 Protocols

Updates to our Covid-19 Safety Protocol

Beginning August 18th we will be requiring proof of vaccination for all our staff and guests.

Following recent NYC Guidelines, we will be requiring proof of vaccination at the door in the form of a CDC card, Excelsior Pass, or a picture of your CDC Card with a valid ID.

If you have already purchased tickets and do not meet these guidelines please contact Minton’s Playhouse for a refund up to 24 hours prior to your show.

We appreciate your support as we continue to do our best to protect our guests, staff, and performers!

To our employees and loyal guests,

Since the day we re-opened our doors to you, we have been dedicated to providing our guests with a fun, memorable, and safe experience. We believe our standards are second to none. We know that we earn your trust each and every time you dine with us at either of our restaurants.

We are dedicated to safely getting back to what we love to do – serving you. We are excited to re-open our restaurants as local government allows and must be clear that we are being extremely careful and measured in all aspects of our operations.

The health and safety of you and our team members is top priority. With that, we have created robust and stringent operating plans and procedures that will dictate everything within our restaurants. Please know that every step we are taking is an effort to keep us all safe.

“Please know that every step we are taking is an effort to keep us all safe.”

Here is a brief look at some important measures we are taking to maintain health and safety:

  • Mandated masks are always worn by all employees
  • Social distancing protocols for employees and guests
  • Taking employees temperatures daily
  • Sending home staff who appear sick
  • Ensuring a robust health and safety checklist is completed daily

We disinfect our space nightly after closing!

We are reviewing the above and our additional robust guidelines daily with staff. Our diligence will not waver as we continue to ensure everyone’s safety. We invite you to read the guide we’ve created that details exactly what we will be doing to maintain a safe and clean environment within the restaurant. Again, while things may look and feel a bit different for the time being, we are eager to have you dine with us once again, and appreciate your loyalty and trust. Be well; we look forward to seeing you at our restaurants.

– The Cecil Steakhouse / Minton’s Playhouse Management

Restauant Operating Procedures

The safety and well-being of our guests and team members are top priority. We are taking every precautionary step to open our restaurants safely to mitigate the risk of anyone getting sick. We thank you for your understanding and diligence.


We are taking as many proactive measure as we can in regard to health and safety. We are committed to the follow:

  • Increasing the frequency of all sanitizing and cleaning measures and requiring additional sanitizing measures for certain circumstances.
  • Monitoring the health of employees and sending home any employee who displays symptoms of COVID-19
  • Enforcing social distancing in all areas of the place of business. This includes tables or booths as well as outside of the establishment when there is a wait
  • Limiting the number of people allowed inside the place of business at one time
  • Eliminating opportunities of interaction among customers with frequently contacted items
  • Employees who have a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to work




The Cecil Steakhouse and Minton’s Playhouse are providing all employees masks which must be worn at all time in the restaurant. The masks are intended to help mitigate the spread of any mouth/nose particles exhaled.

All employees are required to wash hands at a minimum of every 30 minutes. We all ask guests to wear masks (PPE) inside our restaurants if able, or according to State mandate.

All employees will continue to practice CDC guidlines:

Remaining six feet away from other people, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, and not touching their face.


Host will coordinate with a greeter who will escort guests to their table. Only one greeter at a time will be allowed be the host stand.

Host stands will have some kind of tape or rope that designates proper distance (six feet) between guests and hosts. A short line of highly visible tape must also be placed on the floor in six-foot increments to serve as a guide for where guests should stand in line.

All restaurants will create designated space out the restaurant for “overflow”


Each venue will be mandated to two personnel per shift with the sole purpose of keeping the entire facility sanitized. These employees will sanitize defined areas at a minimum of every 30 minutes. These personnel will be wearing a different color uniform.

– High Touch Point Fixed Areas and Items (Hot Points)

These areas are constantly sanitized by our sanitation crew:

  • Doors
  • Handrails
  • Host Stands
  • Bathrooms
  • Table Tops
  • Seating
  • POS System
  • Menus
  • Salt & Pepper Ramekins
  • Soy Sauce placed in single useramekins


Specific floor plans have been created for each restaurant to comply with social distancing.


All employees will have their temperature check by the on-shift manager. This is done as an added precautionary measure. Based on CDC guidlines, temperatures must not exceed 100.1 degrees Fahrenheit to be able to work unless otherwise noted by local authorities.

All guests will have their temperature checked and at least one member of the party must leave contact information at the front desk.


Employees will practice social distancing; meaning standing or passing by others with six feet distance. We ask the same of all guests not already dining as  group. Additionally, we will allow a maximum capacity of 10 people per table as per CDC guidlines.

“We will allow a maximum capacity of 10 people per table as per CDC guidlines.”


  • Handwashing every 30 minutes is required of employees
  • No physical contact. (no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, etc) Elbow bumps are an exception


Tables will not be preset with any utensils or glassware. All utensils will be presented as a roll-up within a napkin.


Hand sanitizer will be highly visible and easily accessible to all, such as at the host stand. Restaurants will use alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60% alcohol.


There will be additional thorough nightly cleaning and sanitation after closing.


Bar areas will be used as an extension of the dining room. Tables in the bar areas will be distanced from one another by six feet. There will be no bar-top/over-the-bar service.


We are adding 99% particle remover filters into our HVAC system in every restaurant as an extra measure to maintain a clean environment for team members and guests.


As we continue to operate takeout and delivery, we will dedicate specific pick-up areas for guests and delivery courier.