Tine Bruhn – Singer

Tine Bruhn visits Europe frequently and has performed at leading jazz clubs including Duc des Lombards in Paris and B-Flat in Berlin. She has performed at festivals including “New York In Paris”-Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Winter Jazz Denmark, Sorø Jazz Festival.

Musicians in her bands include Benito Gonzalez, Joel Holmes, Essiet Essiet, Corcoran Holt, Joe Blaxx, George Burton, Anthony Wonsey, Johnny O’Neal, Stacy Dillard, Lars Haake, Bjarne Roupe, Bo Stief, Alex Riel, Jakob Park, Morten Ankarfeldt, Janus Templeton, Marco Panascia, Rob Duguay and many more.

The album “Nearness” is a natural ‘documentation’ of the musical relationship between Tine Bruhn and Johnny O’Neal, two very different musicians. Different in the sense of background, age, ethnicity, gender. But musicially they complement each other highly and the listener will hear a relaxedness and comfortness shining through.

The music was recorded in only one day with just two takes per song. Johnny O’Neal states “We just went in there and laid it down! It just felt right!”

Tenor saxophonist Stacy Dillard is feautured on four tracks. Ben Ratliff (NY Times) calls Dillard “a young saxophonist of serious promise,” and he has played with Wycliffe Gordon, Eric Reed and Roy Hargrove amongst many others.

Spike Wilner (Smalls Jazz Club, NYC) writes in his liner notes:

“Tine Bruhn for me is an interesting throw back to another age – one of cool elegance and poise. Her demeanor and look are distinctly “jazz age”, as if she could step out of a Fitzgerald novel. Her voice has a throaty comfortableness and her feel is an easy, swinging and true jazz feeling. Her repertoire, similarly, classic in its choices. Real Tin-Pan Alley. Joined here on this recording by a true master, Johnny O’Neal and a young master Stacy Dillard, this blend has an authentic feel. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this selection of tunes and be glad to get to know Tine Bruhn.”

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