The mission of The Minton’s Collective is to support, inspire and bring together New York City’s phenomenal jazz artist community. The Minton’s Collective was created by Raphael Benavides (owner of Minton’s Playhouse) who saw that musicians within the jazz community knew of one another informally, or had a small circle of musician acquaintances, but that there were no consistent opportunities for them to meet and collaborate.

The Minton’s Collective is working to change this and keep the legacy of Jazz music alive. The Minton’s Collective is a dynamic musician community where jazz artists – from vocalist, and trumpeters to bassists, violinist, and guitarists – can work together to expand their opportunities and better promote their incredible talents.

Amaury Acosta
Amaury Acosta
Amaury Acosta (aka King Klave) is a Cuban American Drummer, Producer, Composer, & Educator. He authentically blends his Afro-Cuban roots ...
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Adam Arruda - Drums
Adam Arruda – Drums
Born in Toronto, Adam Arruda has been surrounded by music from a very early age, growing up in a musical ...
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Zaccai Curtis - Piano
Zaccai Curtis – Piano
Zaccai Curtis has been performing since the age of five. As a high school student, he was recognized by Down ...
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Willerm Delisfort - Piano
Willerm Delisfort – Piano
Pianist, and Composer Willerm Delisfort is a messenger of life using music as his tool. His career extends the continuum ...
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Taber Gable - Piano
Taber Gable – Piano
Taber Gable brings as many influences to the piano as possible. He at a young age started enjoying and applying ...
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Ray Angry - Piano
Ray Angry – Piano
Ray Angry is a pianist, producer, musical director who and one of the most in demand artists today. Classically trained ...
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Misha Piatigorsky - Piano
Misha Piatigorsky – Piano
Vibrant jazz pianist, composer and producer, hailed by the Boston Globe as the artist who “beautifully merges the worlds of ...
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Michael Bond - Piano
Michael Bond – Piano
Michael Bond started playing piano when he was 4 years old. By the time he was 6, he was playing ...
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Marco Churnchetz - Piano
Marco Churnchetz – Piano
Marko Churnchetz (Slovenian spelling Črnčec) is one of Slovenia's most heralded contemporary musicians and renowned exports, based in New York ...
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Kelly Green - Piano
Kelly Green – Piano
Kelly has performed at notable clubs and venues such as Blue Note, Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola, Apollo Theater, Minton's, Smalls ...
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Julius Rodriguez - Piano
Julius Rodriguez – Piano
Julius Rodriguez is pianist and drummer bringing his unique approach to the growing pool of young jazz talents. Julius has ...
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George Burton -  Piano
George Burton – Piano
For more than a decade, the young pianist, composer and bandleader George Burton has been on the radar of everyone ...
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Filip Bulatovich - Piano
Filip Bulatovich – Piano
Filip Bulatovich Filip Bulatovich, masterful jazz pianist, showcases engaging and meditative compositions in his debut at DROM, New York City ...
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Eric Lewis - Piano
Eric Lewis – Piano
Jazz pianist Eric Lewis has been wowing audiences since he was barely able to walk. He grew up in a ...
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John Cowherd - Piano
John Cowherd – Piano
Although Mercy is Jon Cowherd's first album under his own name, the esteemed pianist/composer/arranger/producer is already firmly established as one ...
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Davis Whitfield  - Piano
Davis Whitfield – Piano
As the son of two musicians, Davis Whitfield's early years were filled with music. He began playing the guitar at ...
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David Bryant _ Piano
David Bryant _ Piano
Pianist/Composer/Multi-Instrumentalist David Bryant is a world-class artist. Few musicians today match the versatility, originality, and sensitivity that he brings to ...
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Tim Warfield - Trumpet
Tim Warfield – Trumpet
Tim Warfield Jr., a native of York, Pennsylvania, began studying the alto saxophone at age nine. He switched to tenor ...
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Theo Crocker - Trumpet
Theo Crocker – Trumpet
Trumpeter, composer, and arranger Theo Croker is an adventurous musician whose adept skills find him at home playing standards, swinging ...
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Nicholas Payton - Trumpet
Nicholas Payton – Trumpet
Nicholas Payton is widely considered one of the greatest artists of our time. Hailed as a virtuoso before he was ...
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J.S. Williams - Trumpet
J.S. Williams – Trumpet
With a style and passion for music unmatched by any, JS Williams has established himself as one of this generation's ...
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Josh Evans - Trumpet
Josh Evans – Trumpet
Josh Evans, born and raised in Hartford, CT, was drawn to the trumpet after hearing a Roy Eldridge and Dizzy ...
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Jason Palmer - Trumpet
Jason Palmer – Trumpet
Trumpeter/Composer/Educator Jason Palmer is becoming one of the most in demand musicians of his generation. He has performed with Roy ...
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Giveton Gelin - Trumpet
Giveton Gelin – Trumpet
Pursuing jazz is difficult when you lack an environment to develop in the Bahamas, but since the age of 10 ...
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Eddie Allen - Trumpet
Eddie Allen – Trumpet
Trumpeter, composer, arranger, author … Eddie Allen is one of the more versatile musicians on the New York scene. He’s ...
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David Gibson - Trumpet
David Gibson – Trumpet
Trombonist David Gibson has enjoyed a varied musical career which is deeply rooted in the genres of jazz and funk ...
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Corey Wallace - Trumpet
Corey Wallace – Trumpet
Baltimore, MD native trombonist Corey Wallace has gained the respect and admiration of many in his relentless pursuit of all ...
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Ben Barnett - Trumpet
Ben Barnett – Trumpet
Ben Barnett is an up and coming trombonist on the New York jazz scene. He is a first call sub ...
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Antoine Drye - Trumpet
Antoine Drye – Trumpet
Antoine has been playing professionally for over two decades and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in jazz ...
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Xiomara Laugart - Singer
Xiomara Laugart – Singer
Originally from the Guantanamo province of Cuba, Xiomara Laugart began her career at the age of 15, performing several different ...
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Vanisha Gould - Singer
Vanisha Gould – Singer
Vanisha Gould has recently burst on to the Boston music scene and, with a voice reminiscent of Billie Holiday, has ...
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Tony Hewitt - Singer
Tony Hewitt – Singer
Tony Hewitt, a consummate artist who has been a familiar & popular jazz vocalist on the new york scene. A ...
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Tine Bruhn - Singer
Tine Bruhn – Singer
Tine Bruhn visits Europe frequently and has performed at leading jazz clubs including Duc des Lombards in Paris and B-Flat ...
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Monika Oliveira - Singer
Monika Oliveira – Singer
Monika Oliveira is a fresh and exciting vocal presence on the New York - Brazilian music scene today. This singer/songwriter ...
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Michelle Wallker - Singer
Michelle Wallker – Singer
Jazz vocalist Michelle Walker—a charismatic singer armed with a provocative, whiskey-soaked tone—returns to Smoke in support of her acclaimed recent ...
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Michael Mwenso - Singer
Michael Mwenso – Singer
Mwenso and the Shakes are a unique troupe of global artists who present music that merges the highest form of ...
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Melvis Santa - Singer
Melvis Santa – Singer
Singer, composer, pianist, Afro Cuban dancer, actress, and educator Melvis Santa was born and raised in the heart of an ...
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Melanie Charles - Singer
Melanie Charles – Singer
Melanie Jean-Baptiste Charles is a Brooklyn-Born, Haitian-American musician, flutist, actress, and teacher with a creative fluidity spanning jazz, soul, experimental, ...
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Emily Braden - Singer
Emily Braden – Singer
Big, bad beauty from Boise, Idaho, Emily Braden covers a lot of ground. Whether she’s fronting an genre-defying orchestra or ...
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Clotilde Rullaud - Singer
Clotilde Rullaud – Singer
Clotilde is a French vocalist, improviser, song-writer, performer, flutist, and educator. She entered the Conservatoire aged five and studied music ...
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Ben Williams - Bass
Ben Williams – Bass
Jazz bassist Ben Williams is a forward-thinking musician who crosses easily between straight-ahead, funk, and gospel-influenced jazz. A native of ...
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Alexander Claffy - Bass
Alexander Claffy – Bass
Alexander Claffy was raised in a musical household (his father is a pianist, his mother, a vocalist), and had many ...
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Ari Hoenig - Drums
Ari Hoenig – Drums
Born on November 13, 1973 in Philadelphia, Ari Hoenig, was exposed at an early age to a variety of musical ...
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Joel Ross - Vibes
Joel Ross – Vibes
Chicago native Joel Ross has performed with historic and seasoned artists - Herbie Hancock, Louis Hayes, Christian McBride, and Stefon ...
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