6:00 pm

Minton's playhouse
206 West 118th Street


1st Set
7:30 pm – Doors Open 6 pm

2nd Set
9:30 pm – Doors Open 9 pm

Sets are 1 hour long.

The admission price is $20.00 per set PLUS a $30 minimum per person.
* Admission may increase depending upon a given week’s performance schedule.

During performances, quiet policy is enforced !

The sweet, soulful, and unforgettable lady of song, Karlea Lynné, is a rapidly rising voice in jazz. Known for the candor in her interpretation and the ambience of her tone, Karlea has been widely recognized as a transportive force for her audiences, taking them on a journey with every song she presents In her formative years as a vocalist Karlea Lynné made a lasting impression on Florida’s music scene.

She headlined The Lakeland Jazz Festival, performed at The Tampa Bay and Wesley Chapel Jazz Festivals respectively, won a National Young Arts Foundation Award and won the first-ever Berklee College of Music’s Jazz soloist competition. Karlea Lynné studied at Berklee College of Music where she had the opportunity to learn from industry giants such as Debra Byrd and Sheila Jordan.